Passfaces Personal Overview

Passfaces Personal uses pictures of your friends and family to access your PC. With Passfaces Personal, you will never forget your password again.

Windows has always come with the ability to create user accounts and password protect access to them. Computers with multiple users are able to protect access to their personal area. Passfaces takes that one step further giving you the ability to access your computer accounts using pictures instead of passwords. And since you are using pictures of people you know, you will never forget your password.

Simply select the photos you want to use as your secret faces and load them into Passfaces. Faces are cropped and sized using our automatic processing tool. Pick the color of your access screen and you are ready to go.

Passfaces toolbar easily directs you through the process or just continue to click on NEXT until all steps are complete.

If you need help during the process simply click the HELP button. It will display help specific to the task you are trying to complete.

Once you have completed all the steps, you are ready to log on using Passfaces. During log on, you will pick each of your Passfaces from individual 3 by 3 grids.

Changing Faces & Options or Adding Accounts
Once Passfaces is installed, you can easily add additional accounts, change Passfaces, or change other options. Go to the Start menu on your PC and select "Passfaces Personal". Then choose the option that describes what you want to do. Passfaces will guide you through the process.