Getting Started

The pictures you select become your Passfaces, a SECRET code, for accessing your computer. You can uses pictures that are already stored on your PC or pictures from the internet. Whatever the source, you need to select pictures that others who may see or use your computer do not recognize. If, for example, you are protecting your information from another family member use pictures of work associates they won't recognize.


Choose pictures that others wonít easily recognize (You can change your Passfaces anytime during installation or after the product is installed)


Locate where your pictures are stored on your PC. If you don't have the pictures stored on your PC you will first need to upload or transfer them


Use straight on head shots for best results


Use Passfaces to easily size and crop the images

Each of the pictures you select will be presented with decoy pictures supplied by Passfaces. When you log on, you are presented with a 3 by 3 grid that contains one of your pictures and 8 decoys. You will pick your picture from the 9 presented and move onto the next grid. This process is repeated until you have identified all three faces. Decoy pictures are different for each of your Passfaces. They are used to mask your picture and confuse others who may be trying to access your PC. Your pictures should look similar to the decoy pictures so that they are not easily identified by others.

Good Bad Bad

Select three pictures that you want to use as your personal Passfaces.  Pictures do not need to be head shots but should include people with a frontal look at their face. It is important that your pictures look similar to the decoy pictures that Passfaces has supplied. 

Donít worry about the size, Passfaces lets you easily size and crop your selected pictures. Have fun selecting the faces you want to log on with.