Pick and Crop Pictures

There are two methods for loading your pictures into Passfaces; browse files on your PC or drag and drop pictures or displayed files onto the screen. To browse for pictures, click on browse and search your PC files for the picture you want. To drag and drop, click on an image and hold down the mouse button. Move the mouse to drag the picture into the grey area on the screen.

Once you have selected the picture it will appear in both the large box at the top of the screen and in the lower box marked 1,2 or 3. When the picture appears in the large block at the top of the page you will also see a square appear. This is the automatic cropping tool.

Click on the square and hold down the mouse key to drag the box over the portion of the picture you want to use. Then click on a corner of the square and drag the corner to zoom to size the picture. Once the picture has been cropped to your satisfaction click NEXT below and select another photo. Repeat the process until you have created your three Passfaces.