Choosing Your Accounts

Windows comes with the ability to deploy "User Accounts" that can be password protected. A single computer can be shared by multiple accounts. All currently activated accounts are displayed in the Passfaces drop down menu.

Use the drop down menu to select the account that you will use with Passfaces. Passfaces requires that each account has a password. Either enter your existing password or create a new one at this time. Once your first account is completely set up, you are ready to use Passfaces.

Often times more than one person uses the same computer. It is possible for every person who uses the computer to set up a unique user account.  These accounts can now be accessed with either Passfaces or a password. Each computer user can then view private files and e-mail.

Here's how to create a new user account on your computer:


Click Start, and then click Control Panel.


Double-click User Accounts.


In the User Accounts dialog box, click Create a New Account.


Enter a name for the new user. After the user logs on, this name appears on the Welcome screen and at the top of the Start menu. Click Next to continue.


To choose the account type, select either Computer Administrator or Limited.


Click Create Account.

Return to the User Accounts dialog box where you can repeat these steps to create additional accounts for other users. After creating individual accounts you can decide to protect them with either Passfaces or a password.  Each account owner can decide how they want to protect their account.

Adding Accounts to Passfaces After Initial Installation


After the initial installation of Passfaces Personal you can add additional accounts by selecting "Passfaces Personal" from your computer's Start Menu and then selecting "Setup Another Account". Then follow the procedures outlined above.